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Deal out damage in a Russian roulette style beat-the-deck card game.

Use an assortment of Outlaw cards to give yourself favourable odds.

Collect 7 Stars to win, but if you run out of Outlaws then it is game over.

Can be played with a Keyboard (A, B, Enter and directional keys) or Xbox 360 Gamepad. Requires Windows, will install XNA / .NET redistributable package when installing and both the game and package can be uninstalled using the control panel.

Development on this game took 16 days for the sake of the #LOWREZJAM 2016.

'Woldy' Woldhuis


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To win this game, start by defeating all the enemies you can in the play area, called an encounter. There is a stealth mechanic that gives you a one-time bonus to the first move in each encounter. When all are defeated, you'll be prompted to choose a map card which will determine the size of the next encounter, how many map cards will be drawn next time, and wether those map cards grant stars.

Prioritise map cards with arrows pointing up, as these directions will award stars. Seven stars wins you the game!

Failing to defeat an enemy causes your current blue outlaw card to become a hostage, and there is a limit of one hostage in the encounter at a time